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The SM3D earplug from Alvis Audio - A technology by MyFit Solutions​

Thanks to the development of MyFit Solutions, Alvis Audio was able to launch its guaranteed anti-noise and custom-made earplugs! Gone are the days of time-consuming impression paste, replaced by the 3D scanning mobile application signed MyFit Solutions.

The Alvis earplug was created with the aim of meeting 2 important criteria: 

  • Reduce the impact of low, medium and high pitched sounds.
  • Offer the most personalized plug possible by adapting to the client’s ear canal. 



This is the challenge launched by MyFit Solutions and Alvis Audio. To offer a unique experience, but also a unique product: halfway between the standard size and the fully customized earplugs.

MyFit Solutions has therefore developed patented semi-customized earplugs, automatically modeled from the scan on our platform. THE “new generation” solution to define custom earplugs on a large scale anywhere and anytime, all while remaining competitive!

Body acquisition from smartphone on the rise: Torso scanning now available!

Get the 3D of a torso via a mobile? It is now possible!

You no longer need to equip yourself with a large number of tools to benefit from an accurate and scaled 3D reconstruction – a smartphone is now enough. 

Thanks to the development of MyFit Solutions, it is possible to acquire automation and industrialization of torso acquisition via an augmented reality guide. With the aim of providing the possibility to create custom products adapted to the captured morphology.


The scanning experience has been worked on to be achievable by anyone, without the need for special skills.

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