The new generation of 3D acquisition  from smartphones !

The new generation of 3D acquisition  from smartphones !

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App creation or SDK integration
3D scan at scale
Morphological customization
Instant size recommendation
App creation or SDK integration
3D scan at scale
Morphological customization
Instant size recommendation

MyFit Solutions is a software editor specialized in 3D acquisition from mobiles for product customization.

Our startup offers manufacturers the possibility of personalize their products on large scale, while remaining competitive.

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Do you want to offer your products tailor-made for your customers?

Are you looking for an innovative experience to advise your customers and recommend your different product sizes?

Our software solutions are here to meet your needs!

Our Solutions

Offer tailor-made for your customers ears!

3D Acquisition and Personalization for the Ear

Acquisition 3D
  • Scan in 3D, remotely, the unique shape of your customers’ ears
  • Define personalized products at the shape of each ear
  • Stay competitive with a complete digital solution* from capture to customization for the ear

  *process patented

Advise your customers from their smartphones!

Instant product recommendation for the ear

  • Instantly recommend the product, design or size that best suits your customers’ ears
  • Create a direct link with your customers from their smartphones
  • Promote your brand through an incredibly innovative experience!

Collaborate remotely in 3D around a physical product

3D scanner professional, 3D collaboration and product customization

  • Remotely capture the unique shape of objects (3D Scanner App)
  • Discuss the 3D model to collaborate remotely
  • Define personalized products, based on the geometry of the shared object
  • Increase efficiency thanks to a complete digital solution

Take the measurements of your customers to offer them tailor-made

3D scan of the human body

  • Face, Bust, Foot, … remotely capture the measurements you want
  • Define tailor-made products adapted to the morphology of your customers
  • Offer personalization!

How it works ?

Augmented reality capture experience:

✓ 3D scanner app from a smartphone / tablet

✓ Accessible to everyone (self-acquisition)

✓ Remote or in-store acquisition


Automation based on artificial intelligence:

✓ Automation of product personalization

✓ Instant recommendation of standard products

Applications cases

Custom eartips for earphones

3D reconstruction to scale

Who are we ?

✓ Start-up founded in February 2018

✓ Incubator H7 & Tech360

✓ Collaboration with the GIPSA Lab public research laboratory

✓ 1 technological patent

✓ Winner of numerous innovation programs

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