MyFit Solutions: SaaS software editor specializing in 3D scanning from smartphones

l'équipe myfit solutions
MyFit Solutions is THE reference in 3D scan solutions from smartphones for product customization. An app designed by humans, for humans, to improve the well-being and health of individuals with products better suited to our bodies and our uses!
l'équipe myfit solutions

Our vision

Harmonizing products, uses and human body

We allow to capture the morphology of the human body, in a simple way and in record time, to make it possible to recommend the right size of a product, or to create 100% customized products, perfectly adapted to daily uses and morphology. It’s able to take a full 3D scan of the human body.

Thanks to the software suite developed by our teams, the 3D scanning tool becomes the most common object at hand: smartphones.

Our story

MyFit Solutions creation
Creation of the company by Xavier Deshayes (CEO), in Lyon, France. Launch of R&D activities with Jérémy Adoux (CTO).
Market Demonstrator
Design and manufacturing of custom earbud tips (with an ear scan from one’s smartphone) for individuals. Over 2,500 products sold in 25 countries.
Winner of the CES Innovation Awards
MyFit Solutions is the winner of the CES Innovation Award in Las Vegas for its technology ranging from scanning from smartphones to custom products.
Software standardization
Standardization of B2B software (including SDK) for industrialists and brands.
Since 2022
MyFit Solutions is a complete software solution specialized in 3D scanning and digital measurements of the human body.

At MyFit Solutions, we’re convinced that patients and customers can benefit from products that are better adapted to their bodies and uses. Smartphones are the solution everyone has in their pocket to meet this need for personalization.

Xavier Deshayes, CEO & Founder MyFit Solutions

At MyFit Solutions, our technical team is committed to pushing back the boundaries of mobile technology to offer 3D scanning solutions that are accurate, fast and accessible to all. We believe in combining technological innovation with user-friendliness. That’s why we guarantee an intuitive, high-performance user experience, to make our 3D scanning solution from smartphones accessible to all.

Jeremy Adoux, CTO & Associate MyFit Solutions

Whether for a product purchase or a medical treatment, the notion of customer or patient experience is key today. At MyFit Solutions, we support brands and manufacturers in their search for the ultimate experience! Thanks to our smartphone-based 3D scanning technology, we enable them to advise, offer 100% made-to-measure solutions, pre-diagnose and monitor their customers and patients, remotely and on a large scale.

Djavid Pichori, CRO & associate

Our team

Josselin Duboc
Josselin Duboc
Developer IOS
Lionel Duport
Lionel Duport
Lead Developer
Jérémy Adoux
Jérémy Adoux
CTO & Associate
Xavier Deshayes
Xavier Deshayes
CEO & Founder
Djavid Pichori
Djavid Pichori
CRO & Associate
Melissa Rumor
Melissa Rumor
Marketing & Communication manager
Quentin Perrier
Quentin Perrier
Service developer
François Collette
François Collette
UX/UI Designer
Pierrick Ullius
Pierrick Ullius
Experimental engineer
Maxime Bodier
Maxime Bodier
Computer vision engineer
Équipe Myfit Solutions

Join us!

Thanks to a successful fundraising round in 2021, MyFit Solutions is accelerating. We already have great references in France and abroad, and new challenging projects are coming up… what if you came to live this advdenture with us?
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