Caméra Truedepth scan 3D

TrueDepth camera: the future of 3D morphological scanning on iPhone

Caméra Truedepth scan 3D

Say goodbye to traditional measurement methods and get ready to enter into the future of 3D morphological scanning thanks to the TrueDepth camera on iPhone! What exactly is this revolutionary technology? How does it work? How does MyFit Solutions use it to offer customization solutions? Let’s explore the future of 3D body scanning and discover the benefits of the TrueDepth camera for product customization and customer experience.

Truedepth Camera technology explained

What is the Truedepth camera?

TrueDepth camera is an advanced sensor system developed by Apple and integrated into some of their iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. Initially, these sensors are used for security. Indeed, TrueDepth camera is particularly known for its applications in facial recognition, such as Face ID. But, it is possible to use this technology to go further and especially in morphological reconstruction at scale. Yes, these sensors can capture 3D images, opening the way to a multitude of innovative applications.

How does the Truedepth technology work?

Apple’s Truedepth technology, used in iPhones since 2017, is a sophisticated system of sensors and cameras. As a LiDAR depth sensor, the TrueDepth camera projects thousands of invisible dots and analyzes them to create a depth map on the scanned body part.

But how does it work in practice?

TrueDepth technology uses the ToF (Time of Flight) method. This method works in three steps.

  • Step 1:

    First, an infrared light projection system called a grid of illumination points projects thousands of invisible dots on the area to be scanned. This beam of infrared light reaches your face or body and then bounces back.

  • Step 2:

    Then, the TrueDepth camera measures the time it takes for that invisible beam of light to return, calculating the distance between the sensors and the scanned area. This is done for thousands of points on your face or body at once, creating a very accurate 3D depth map.

  • Step 3:

    Finally, the data analysis allows a 3D modeling of the face or different parts of the body, such as ears, hands, feet, torso or head with high precision and quickness. Through this 3D model we get the exact morphology in 3D but also the color and texture rendering.

What can we do with it? Concrete applications of Truedepth Camera: facial recognition and augmented reality

Apple’s Truedepth Camera offers many possibilities thanks to its ability to capture the morphology of the human body in 3D with great precision.

Here are some practical use cases with this technology:

  • Facial recognition:  unlock your smartphone safely with Face ID.
  • Animojis and Memoji: create 3D animated avatars.
  • Augmented reality applications: overlay 3D images on the user’s face for games or online shopping experiences..
  • Product customization: as manufacturers and brands are willing to offer more  customization, the True depth sensor takes the 3D scanning experience a step further by allowing  cutting-edge 3D scan from smartphones

Now that we understand how the Truedepth Camera works and what the real-world applications of this technology are, let’s take a look at how MyFit Solutions uses the Truedepth Camera for enhancing the scanning experience from smartphones.

MyFit Solutions and Truedepth Camera: an innovative duo

MyFit Solutions is a SaaS software company specialized in 3D acquisition from smartphones for product customization. Our software is designed for cross-platform scanning experiences, i.e. usable on both iOS and Android. And this, by leveraging at best the respective capabilities of each brand/range/model of smartphone.

How does MyFit Solutions use truedepth camera?

At MyFit Solutions, we have integrated TrueDepth 3D scanning technology, embedded in Apple phones, into our complete software solution. This completes our multiplatform (Apple and Android) scanning experiences based on the use of back cameras.

A professional solution…

We provide manufacturers and brands with the scanning experiences they need, by providing them the most appropriate technology. This is the case with the TrueDepth camera. We provide them with either the face ID Software Development Kit (SDK) integrating TrueDepth scanning experiences, or a comprehensive mobile application 100% customized and developed by us.

In the medical field, it is now possible to capture the morphology of specific parts of the body in order to manufacture custom orthotics or prostheses. And also to personalize products such as glasses or helmets. Today it is possible for a consumer to scan a part of the body such as the face for example. This is a great opportunity for professionals who develop custom-made products for body parts such as the mouth or eyes.

… easy to use…

To ensure successful and repeatable scans, the use of TrueDepth technology is guided step by step. 

In addition, all of our scanning experiences are connected to our web platform for easy access, tracking, uploading and automation of relevant data exchanges, including 3D models scanned with our clients’ third-party software, such as computer-aided design (CAD) or customer/patient management software.

… and integrated with your software environments

3D scanned models also benefit from specific post-processing, aiming for example at removing the parasite elements to keep only the reconstruction of the part of the body which interests us. Finally, these 3D scanned models are available in .obj or .stl format, with or without textures.

How to scan with a true depth sensor? Practical guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to use the Truedepth Camera with MyFit Solutions:

  1. Open the MyFit Solutions application.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to position your body part to be scanned so that it is fully visible to the Truedepth camera.
  3. Start the scan: simply color what you want to scan.
  4. It is possible to get a 3D model instantly with the TrueDepth camera. The more movements you make to record points, the more accurate information you will get.

By following these simple steps, you can use Truedepth technology with MyFit Solutions in order to capture the 3D morphology of your body with great accuracy and speed.

For which products? Examples of 3D morphological scan applications on iPhone.

TrueDepth camera via MyFit Solutions opens the door to a multitude of innovative applications in the field of customization of custom-made products.

Modèle 3D buste

Application example 1: 3D scan for face or bust

MyFit Solutions uses 3D morphology capture of face and bust to create 3D avatars..This technique can also be used to create customized products such as jewelry, glasses or helmets, perfectly adapted to the user’s morphology.

Application example 2: 3D foot scan

3D scanning with the TrueDepth Camera solution from MyFit Solutions allows you to instantly visualize the result of the scan on the iPhone.  In case of foot scanning for the performance of orthopedic insoles, the health professional obtains hence an immediate visual feedback that can be shared with the patient. The fast, accurate and immediate acquisition of the foot morphology facilitates the design of custom orthopedic insoles for better treatment and comfort.  By using 3D scanning from smartphones, healthcare professionals can focus on their core business of diagnosing, treating and supporting their patients, while providing a customized solution tailored to each individual’s needs.

scan 3D Face ID pieds

Of course, there are other use cases addressed with MyFit Solutions. Indeed, by using the TrueDepth Camera in our software suite, we have developed an innovative solution for the creation of customized products for different body parts. Let’s see now the benefits of using the Truedepth Camera with MyFit Solutions.

Benefits of Truedepth Camera with MyFit Solutions​

Using the Truedepth Camera with MyFit Solutions has real advantages for companies that want to offer 3D scanning from smartphones to their customers.

An instant 3D scan accessible through smartphones

Thanks to the TrueDepth camera, 3D modeling is not only highly accurate, but more importantly offers INSTANT 3D model visualization. 

Indeed, users can access the 3D morphology capture immediately after the scan to focus on creating custom products, whether manual or automated. All you need is an iPhone equipped with the TrueDepth Camera. 

And if you don’t have a smartphone compatible with TrueDepth technology, no worries! MyFit Solutions  also offers 3D scanning solutions with rear cameras running on any Apple or Android smartphone.

Product customization now possible

With the use of TrueDepth, companies can offer customization to their customers, which was previously very expensive (need to invest in specific and non-mobile equipment) or even impossible to achieve on a large scale. And this, even when the customer or patient experience requires an instant 3D visualization of the scanned body part.

3D scanning technology with MyFitSolutions opens up previously impossible fields of product customization. Indeed, thanks to the accuracy and the effectiveness of this solution, it is now possible to design customized products adapted to the needs of each individual.

A unique customer experience and branding

MyFit Solutions enables companies to offer a unique and innovative next-generation experience through 3D scanning technology. This approach creates a modern and high-end image for companies. A way to enhance the brand and differentiate from competitors

Reducing returns and optimizing the customer experience

By offering customized products through Truedepth Camera, companies can significantly reduce the number of product returns. This allows companies to save on return costs.. In addition, customers are assured of getting products that are perfectly tailored to their body shape, which improves their comfort, satisfaction and loyalty.

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