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Tailor-made eartips for everyone!

How does it work?

– 1 –
Ears scanned

from smartphone App
– 2 –
Ears shape analysis
based on advanced algorithms

– 3 –
3D modeling
of tailor made eartips

– 4 –
3D printing

of unique eartips

how does it work?

inside the innovation process

Ears capture

Designed by Senior experts in UI : we have made 250 user tests to provide the best ear capture from the smartphone, smooth & natural.

We developed an AR-based capture to automatically get the dimensions of the ear without any reference ! (in the past, the smartphone capture Apps have used coin or credit card to extract the dimensions).

We made it possible without any reference (which improve the user experience).

* The application requires iOS 12 and an iPhone 6s minimum. The scan only lasts a few seconds, in case your phone is not compatible, you can be scanned by someone else.

Ear shape analysis

AI Algorithms: Partnership in place with the best French public research lab in 3D Imaging & signals: We have developed an automatic ear shape and dimensions recognition based on deep learning algorithms to provide the best fit.

Eartips 3D modelization

Designers and engineers have worked togheter to develop a 3D parametric model. It means that the shape and size of the Eartip 3D model are automatically recalculated by the CAD tool based on the customer ear size information.

Eartips 3D printing

Finally, we leverage best in class Carbon™ technology to get comfortable 3D printed eartips made in Biocompatible silicone, skin contact

Environmentally friendly

We ensure respect for the planet by producing only on demand to avoid unnecessary production.

Made in France

Designed by MyFit Solutions in Lyon, 3D-printed in France

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