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Delivery takes on average 7 to 14 days in France.
It takes 2 to 3 more additional days for international delivery.

Yes, absolutely!
We use tracking stickers to ensure that the products are delivered to you at the right address without any inconvenience.

Shipping costs are included in the price of the tips in metropolitan France.
For a delivery outside of metropolitan France, a flat rate is applied to make this delivery.
To find out the price of the package, please go to the following purchase page: 
and select your delivery country.


Yes, of course! 

We have customers who complained that they couldn’t put on any earphones!
Custom ear tips are a real solution for using earphones with small ears.

We’ve already had cases with very big ears.
There is no problem with these very large pavilions. 

Don’t worry! when we receive your scan, we will inform you about the feasibility of custom ear tips for your ears.
If we are unable to meet your morphology, we will FULLY REFUND your purchase.

No really, we have already created custom-made tips for people with Tragus piercings.
It is possible that a slight friction may reduce the comfort provided by the tips.

We have developed a technological process for which a patent was filed on July 5, 2019.
During the development of the product, we have conducted hundreds of tests to bring you the best product possible.

Thanks to the scan, we are as close as possible to the shape of your ears, to deliver custom-made earmolds that perfectly match your anatomy.

If you are not satisfied with the fit or comfort of your MyFit Solutions ear tips, please email us immediately upon receipt of the products at

For a quality follow-up, please share your feedback & concerns with us, with the followings:
1° Two (2) pictures of the earmolds placed in your ears: this will allow us to check the right fit.

2° Details of the problem encountered. 
Depending on the problem encountered, we will propose solutions and possibly a new version of your ear tips.

We scrupulously respect the regulations in force for the management of your data (GDPR).
Images and data are stored in a secure manner and accessible only by identified employees.
Your personal information such as name, first name, email, address and phone number are stored on a different server from the images of your ears.

Thus, from the images of your ears, it is not possible to obtain your personal data. Your personal identification cannot therefore be retrieved from one or more images of your unique ear.

If you wish to go further and completely delete your data following your purchase, simply send us an email at :

The ear images are cropped in your phone before they reach us.
Thus, we have no information about the images around the ear.

Therefore, your face or the background are not some information we get.
This ensures that you give us the minimum amount of information necessary to obtain your custom earphone tips.


Clean your tips regularly, usually once a week or after some exercise.
Here are some guidance for cleaning in our special tutorial :

Yes, you can write whatever you want on each of the two tips within the limit of eight (8) characters (excluding special characters and emoticons).

Each engraving is independent, so you can choose a text on one different from the other.

The term “Biocompatibility” clinically proves the use of a material in contact with human skin.

The material used for our tips is certified ISO 10993-5 & ISO 10993-10. These are used to check for cytotoxicity, irritation and sensitization.

We therefore use a material validated for medical devices which is safe for contact with the skin!

No two ears are the same, including yours ! 

Your MyFit Solutions earmolds will be UNIQUE to fit each of your ears perfectly.

The application allows you to follow the progress of the data sending. Do not close the application during this action.

A message will then inform you when the data has been sent. 
If you quit the application during the sending, simply re-open it afterwards and the sending will resume until completion.

Upon receipt, your scan will be analysed by our teams and you will receive a validation email to confirm the good quality of it !

There’s some things to check :

1/ Check that you have the latest version of the application: simply by opening the AppStore the update will be proposed to you.
If you are up to date, the “open” icon will only be proposed.
2/ Then follow the video to reproduce the same action.
3/ Finally, you have to put yourself in full light:
A room with a subdued light is not a good place to make a scan. The best is to be outside, in the middle of the day, with natural light. The flash helps, in addition to the natural light, to obtain a good scan.

If, despite these checks, you still have the same problem, you can send us an email to and we will get back to you within the day to find the best solution with you.

The MyFit Solutions app is available on the Apple store and on the Play Store. Some Android phones are unfortunately not compatible due to the fact that we are limited by the maturity of augmented reality technologies.

Indeed, Apple is much further ahead than Android on this technology.

If your Android phone is not compatible, it will be necessary to find one of your family members or friends who has an iPhone to perform the scan.

The App is only for scanning. It only takes a few minutes and we are not at all intrusive on the person’s Apple account.
You identify yourself in the app with your received personal code.

Once the scan is done, the application is of no use to you.

The average life of the tips is 2 years. If they are stored in a pouch and cleaned regularly the life span will be much longer.

Yes, your tips are guaranteed for 1 year!
Whether to modify them, exchange them or anything else? Don’t worry, we will redo them!


You can buy a gift voucher on the website.
You will receive a personalized e-card by email containing 1 PACK to offer to the person of your choice.

This e-card is composed of a design PDF file with the MyFit Solutions brand identity.
Composed of photos and explanatory texts, this e-card is easily printable and can be slipped into an envelope and given as a gift!

You don’t need to know or fill in your e-mail or postal address. This information will be saved later in the application when scanning.

This is when we will validate the delivery address.

Made in France

Designed by MyFit Solutions in Lyon, 3D-printed in France

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