The next generation of professional
3D scanning solution from smartphones

MyFit Solutions offers 3D scanning and digital measurement experiences from smartphones.

A solution designed and optimized for the different parts of the human body!


Easy and fast to use for successful scans at the first try


Meeting all your morphological analysis and tailoring needs


Ready-to-use or white-label solution for large-scale deployment

iOS & Android
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality

How does it work?

Access your personalized App
Scan step by step thanks to Augmented Reality
Algorithms working (Artificial Intelligence, 3D reconstruction)
Obtain the results on your smartphone and your dedicated web platform

MyFit Solutions technology

Scannez en toute simplicité grâce à la Réalité Augmentée

Scan with ease thanks to Augmented Reality

  • Scan optimized for each body part.
  • Guided in real-time.
  • Easy and repeatable scans, with no expertise required!
Obtenez un modèle 3D de qualité professionnelle

Obtain a professional quality 3D model

  • Photorealistic and to scale 3D model / avatar.
  • Millimeter accuracy modeling.
  • Ready to use for your use cases.
Prenez des mesures fiables et instantanées

Acquire reliable and instantaneous measurements

  • Millimeter accuracy thanks to our Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
  • Instant matching with the right size of your product.
  • 100% personalized advice and follow-up.

A turnkey software solution

The mobile technology adapted to your needs

Looking for a self-scan? A solution accessible for everyone? Increased accuracy? Instant 3D rendering?

We have the solution you need! Benefit from scanning experiences tailored to your use cases, on iOS as well as Android, via advanced photogrammetry or depth sensor (TrueDepth).

Obtenez un modèle 3D de qualité professionnelleScannez en toute simplicité grâce à la Réalité Augmentée
Obtenez un modèle 3D de qualité professionnelleScannez en toute simplicité grâce à la Réalité Augmentée

Ready-to-use or under white-label

Whether you want to use our existing app or create your own, we have the solution you need

Start today with my3D scanner, integrate our mobile SDKs within your existing apps or rely on us to create your dedicated app at your brand identity. 

We provide you with a dedicated web platform for display and downloads of 3D models, user management and integration within your existing digital workflow via standard connectors (APIs and Webhook).

We take care of everything, for a secure, scalable service that guarantees enhanced protection of your data (RGPD compliance, HDS health data protection, etc.).

Prêts pour votre expérience de scan 3D unique ?

Ready for your unique 3D scanning experience?

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scanning 3D du corps humain
scanning 3D de la main
scanning 3D du visage
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