Creating custom-made helmets with 3D head scanning

Today, custom-made helmets are taking over the market, whereas until now, the helmet industry has mainly relied on standard sizes (XS, S, M, L, etc.). A more optimal product in terms of both safety and comfort. Thanks to advances in customization, helmet manufacturers now have the ability to respond to each customer individually. In this article, find out how to create tailor-made helmets in-store or remotely, thanks to mobile 3D scanning.

Which helmets can be custom-designed?

Customization of helmets applies to a wide range of sporting activities, as well as to professions requiring specific head protection. Here are just a few examples of fields in which helmet customization is particularly relevant:

In sports

Many sporting activities require head protection. That’s why helmet manufacturers are increasingly offering customized helmets. Made-to-measure helmets ensure greater comfort, but above all, greater safety. 

These include cycling helmets, motorcycle helmets, riding helmets and ski helmets.

At work

Just as in sports, some people are forced to wear helmets all day long. There’s nothing worse than a helmet that doesn’t fit properly, or doesn’t adapt to the shape of the wearer’s skull.

In aviation, pilots demand helmets tailored to their specific needs, often incorporating communication and hearing protection features that can also be custom-designed. Customization guarantees an optimal fit, crucial in demanding environments such as aviation. In the building trades, construction workers, especially those working at height, need personal protective equipment (PPE) adapted to their heads to prevent injury caused by falling objects or impacts. Another example is the military, where head protection is paramount. Custom-made helmets ensure a perfect fit, while meeting the specific requirements of each mission and each soldier.

Advantages of creating custom-made helmets

Custom helmet manufacturing offers many advantages for both manufacturers and customers. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Expand your offering: 

By offering tailor-made helmets, manufacturers can expand their offering to meet specific customer needs. This enables them to capture a wider range of customers, from sports enthusiasts to demanding professionals.

  • Reduce your return rates: 

Custom-made helmets offer a perfect fit, significantly reducing the risk of returns due to sizing or comfort issues. Customers benefit from an optimal purchasing experience, which translates into long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Enrich your brand image: 

Offering the possibility of creating custom-made helmets reinforces brand image by providing a unique experience for customers. A 3D scan technology solution that can even be customized to your image!

It’s now possible to create custom helmets in-store or remotely! Offer your customers a simple, unique experience in just 3 steps.

3D head scanning to design custom-made helmets

How to 3D scan a head?

Thanks to the MyFit solution, 3D head scanning is now within everyone’s reach, whether trained professionals or private individuals. The scanning experience has been designed to be intuitive and accessible, guaranteeing simple, guided use.

To perform a 3D head scan, there are a few key steps:

  • 1/ Be ready: 

    Before starting the scan, it’s important to clear the face to enable optimal capture of details. It is also advisable to use a cap or flatten the hair so that it fits the shape of the head perfectly. This guarantees faithful capture of cranial morphology.

  • 2/ Stay still: 

    During the scan, it is essential to remain perfectly still to avoid any distortion of the 3D model of the head. Total immobility ensures a more accurate and detailed result.

  • 3/ Adopt the right movement: 

    When scanning, the scanner’s movement must be methodical and complete. It is recommended to rotate around the head, keeping a constant distance. It is also essential to pass over the head to capture all angles and details.

Get an accurate 3D model

Access your 3D model in just a few moments, directly on your phone or from the associated web platform. These millimeter-accurate models can be downloaded in .stl or .obj format. This web platform can be integrated into your existing digital processes via standard connectors (APIs and Webhook). You now have all the keys you need to obtain accurate 3D head results that are accessible anywhere, anytime!

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