Tailoring shoes from a mobile 3D scan

This article focuses on the luxury footwear industry. How do these high-profile brands create tailor-made shoes? How does mobile 3D scanning technology enable them to access a new level of hyper-customization?

In the luxury industry, customers are looking for more than just high-quality products; they’re looking for an exceptional experience and tailor-made items that perfectly meet their needs. To meet this exacting demand, luxury brands strive to offer ever more unique, exclusive experiences, with a constant focus on detail. It’s all about hyper-personalization, whether through the creation of new services or the adoption of new technologies.

Customization, the key challenge for the luxury sector

How do shoes fit? 

The shoe fit takes into account all the features that enable it to adapt correctly and comfortably to the foot. Size is of course essential in choosing the right pair of shoes, but it is only one component of fit. The notion of fit also encompasses aspects such as shoe width, volume (called last) and construction.

What are the different shapes of feet?

The different shapes of feet have been identified by podiatry experts and are often classified based on size and shape, according to Vesin, P. (2021) in his article “The different foot shapes and how to fit them.”

Regarding size, we can identify :

  • The Egyptian foot: characterized by a first toe that is larger than the others.
  • The Greek foot: where the second toe is longer than the others.
  • The square or Roman foot: with the first four toes aligned.

Feet can also be differentiated by their shape:

  • The flat foot, sometimes called valgus flat foot, which is characterized by the absence of a plantar arch or a very low arch.
  • The hollow foot, with excessive arching of the internal arch.

One of the distinguishing features of every individual is morphology. Each person has a unique body shape, feet, hands and body dimensions, curves and characteristics. In the world of fashion, and particularly in the world of luxury footwear, it’s essential to take these differences into account to offer the perfect fit. This is why bespoke footwear has become a major challenge for luxury brands. Tailor-made shoes, designed specifically to fit the unique morphology of each customer, are the ultimate in product customization. It’s not just a question of offering a shoe size that matches the customer’s morphology, but of creating pairs of made-to-measure shoes that are 100% adapted to the shape of the customer’s feet.

Is it possible to get tailor-made shoes?

Luxury shoes don’t just have to look good, they also have to be as comfortable as possible. Customers demand shoes that fit the shape of their feet perfectly, so they can wear them all day without discomfort. 

This is where mobile 3D scanning technology comes in. Mobile 3D scanning technology is revolutionizing the luxury footwear industry, enabling the creation of bespoke shoes that combine comfort and elegance. 

By adopting a three-step approach, luxury brands can offer their customers a unique, personalized experience. As a result, custom-made shoes become the ultimate choice for luxury connoisseurs looking for sophistication and comfort even in their pumps!

Tailor-made shoes in 3 steps

By following these three steps, luxury brands are able to provide their customers with an exceptional and custom-made experience:

  • Step 1: Adopt the best solution to meet your needs

    Luxury brands need to choose the 3D scanning solution that best matches their needs and hyper-personalization requirements. This approach creates a direct link with customers and meets the expectations of the luxury sector, which focuses on exclusivity and uniqueness. With MyFit Solutions, luxury brands can opt for a mobile solution that is 100% integrated into their world. This solution guarantees a seamless experience, consistent with each company’s brand image.

  • Step 2: Perform the scan with the MyFit Solutions app

    Now it’s time for the mobile 3D scan. This crucial step captures the precise morphology of the customer’s feet. It is carried out quickly and efficiently using a dedicated mobile application. Using the MyFit Solutions app, the customer’s foot is scanned, providing a millimeter-accurate 3D capture of the foot’s shape. This scanning process can take place in-store, in a private appointment, or remotely without physical contact. What’s more, the scanning experience is designed to be simple and intuitive, offering a step-by-step guided process that enables a successful scan to be obtained on the first attempt by a sales assistant or by the customer himself.

  • Step 3: Designing tailor-made shoes from a 3D foot model

    In the luxury industry, shoe manufacturing remains a true work of craftsmanship. Once the 3D scan has accurately captured the foot’s morphology, it is this digital imprint that serves as the basis for the shoe’s design. It acts as an inverted mold, providing the craftsman with a precise reference for shaping the shoe.

    Using this imprint, the craftsman works to the specific design requested by the customer, while ensuring that the shoe perfectly matches the shape of his or her foot. Each pair of bespoke shoes thus becomes a unique piece, created by hand with the unrivaled attention to detail and precision that are hallmarks of the luxury industry.

MyFit Solutions mobile 3D scanner

Fast, easy foot scans and tailor-made solutions

Thanks to its ease of use, the MyFit Solutions scan meets the demands of the luxury sector. In fact, it enables us to obtain the exact shape of our customers’ feet in record time.

What’s more, MyFit Solutions is a complete professional solution. Acting as a white label, MyFit Solutions integrates seamlessly into the unique world of each luxury brand, providing them with a customized mobile application or a ready-to-use mobile SDK.

3D scanning for hyper-customization of tailor-made shoes

The customer experience is at the heart of the concerns of brands and manufacturers alike.  They aspire to offer a bespoke service that is truly tailored to each individual customer. In the digital age, this is now 100% possible thanks to 3D scan technology from smartphones, establishing a direct and fully personalized link with customers.

By adopting a 3D scanning solution from smartphones, luxury brands are able to merge their traditional know-how with the very latest technological advances. This combination makes it easy to offer perfectly fitting shoes.

Do you design tailor-made luxury shoes? Are you looking for an innovative solution to personalize your products? Would you like to adopt the 3D scanning experience to design made-to-measure shoes?

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