orthèse sur mesure

Making a custom made orthosis from a 3D scan

orthèse sur mesure

Today, a healthcare professional can obtain a 3D model of a hand, foot or torso to create a custom made orthosis. And all this in a precise, repeatable and reproducible way. What if we told you that the only equipment you need is a smartphone? Find out in this article how MyFit Solutions mobile 3D scanning is revolutionizing the orthopedic market.

What is a custom made orthosis?

An orthosis is a mechanical device designed by a specialized professional. A variety of orthoses are available in pharmacies, adjustable to individual morphology. Some are made-to-measure to meet the specific needs of each user.

Is a splint the same as an orthotic?

Orthoses differ from splints in their purpose and use. The main purpose of splints is to temporarily immobilize a body part suffering from a fracture, sprain or dislocation. Orthoses go beyond this function. Splints are specifically designed to maintain and support the affected limb. This, in turn, ensures the preservation of its alignment during the healing period. 

Orthoses, on the other hand, are more elaborate devices, often custom-made. They are designed to correct anatomical or functional problems. They offer continuous, tailored support to improve mobility, relieve pain, or prevent long-term complications. So, while splints and orthoses are similar in some respects, their design and utility vary according to the patient’s specific needs.

Why would an orthosis be used?

Orthoses are prescribed for a variety of reasons. Their use depends on the specific needs of each individual. Here are some of the main functions of orthoses:

  • Stabilizing function: An orthosis may have a stabilizing function, enabling movement that would be difficult without this external aid. For example, it can fix a wrist while allowing natural finger movement.
  • Compensatory articulation: In some cases, orthoses are articulated to compensate for a movement that is encountering difficulties. They can stabilize a painful joint.
  • Therapeutic action: Orthotics have multiple therapeutic actions. They prevent painful movements requiring temporary immobilization, by holding a limb in a position to avoid deformity. They place the limb in a particular position, while allowing controlled movements (dynamic posture). It can block a joint to prevent excessive amplitude, providing a counter-bearing, and protecting a recently cast joint.

In short, orthotics are recommended when specific problems require support, correction or protection of joints or limbs. It is essential to consult a healthcare professional, such as a physician, orthopedist or physiotherapist, for an appropriate prescription.

Who can prescribe a custom made orthosis?

The prescription of a custom-made orthosis is the responsibility of qualified health professionals. These include:

  • Physicians: Physicians, particularly those specializing in orthopedics, rheumatology or physical medicine, are the ones empowered to prescribe custom-made orthotics. They assess the patient’s condition and determine whether an orthosis is necessary for medical treatment.
  • Prosthetists and orthoprosthetist: These professionals specialize in the design and manufacture of orthopedic devices, including custom orthotics. They work closely with doctors to create solutions tailored to patients’ specific needs.
  • Manufacturers of orthopedic products and medical devices: Companies specializing in the manufacture of orthopedic equipment. They can provide custom-made orthotics to meet the exact requirements of each patient.

The common purpose of these healthcare professionals is to ensure that the custom orthosis optimally meets the therapeutic needs of each individual. In this way, they promote the healing process and improve patients’ quality of life.

Create a custom-made orthosis from a smartphone

Which tools should be used to create a custom orthosis?

In the case of MyFit Solutions, the process can be summarized in three steps :

First, the person scans their limb themselves, or has it scanned by a healthcare professional.

Next, the data is sent automatically to a secure server. They are analyzed by our artificial intelligence, trained by a large number of data sets. The healthcare professional downloads the 3D model integrated into his existing digital processes via standard connectors (APIs and Webhook).

Finally, this enables the healthcare professionnal to create a custom orthosis 100% adapted to the patient’s morphology.

Scanning is THE solution for obtaining an exact model of a body part in terms of size and shape. In just a few moments, and in any environment, 3D scanning can produce a morphological 3D model with millimeter precision.

How to scan with a smartphone ?

MyFit Solutions develops 3D scanning technology for smartphones. With the MyFit solution, you can scan from the front and rear cameras of your mobile phones.

With the MyFit Solutions 3D scanning solution, there’s no need for bulky, expensive equipment. All you need is a smartphone to scan in 3D! Then go to our web platform to view and download your 3D model.   

Using a smartphone simplifies 3D capture and remote measurement. Usually, the tape measure is the preferred tool for measuring a limb. But it’s not reliable enough for the results expected in the medical field. It’s also no longer necessary to bring your patient to a 3D radiology center. 

So, by adopting 3D scanning to design made-to-measure orthotics, you’ll be able to provide an orthosis that fits perfectly to the morphology. This not only ensures rapid and successful healing, but also reduces the risk of return rates for prescribed orthotics.

Which body part can be scanned?

Nowadays, it’s possible to scan various parts of the body using a smartphone. For example, the head, face, torso, hand, wrist, feet (etc.). The aim is to create tailor-made orthotics such as orthopedic insoles or a 100% custom-made medical corset.

MyFit Solutions develops scanning experiences tailored to each part of the body. For each of them, there are augmented reality guides to facilitate the scanning action. This ensures successful first-time scanning by anyone, with no need for training.  

Why choose a mobile app?

La Semelle Française X MyFit Solutions: orthopedic insoles via 3D scan

La Semelle Française has adopted MyFit Solutions technology to reinvent the orthopedic insole experience. Relying on 3D scanning via smartphone, this French leader in insoles offers its customers an unrivalled experience.

The benefits of this digital step in the process are numerous:

  • Optimized production time: The 3D scanning process is fast, and the results obtained are immediately usable, contributing to a significant reduction in production times.
  • Accessibility and technological simplicity for customized orthopedic insoles: By integrating this technology, La Semelle Française makes the production of customized orthopedic insoles accessible and simple for an increasingly demanding clientele.
  • Fewer return trips with impression boxes: 3D scanning considerably reduces repetitive exchanges of impression boxes with the patient.
  • Reduced consumption of single-use materials: The transition to 3D scanning contributes to a more economical use of single-use materials, bringing practice into line with environmental considerations.

However, MyFit Solutions 3D scanning technology has been extended to a number of medical applications. Indeed, our solution is used in the manufacture of customized medical products such as dental aligners. But it is also used to detect and monitor pathologies such as scoliosis.

Benefits of 3D scanning for custom orthoses

MyFit Solutions has designed its solution specifically for professionals. It responds to the needs and challenges of the medical sector:

  • Precision 

3D scanning technology offers morphological capture to scale and with millimetric precision. Our 3D scanning technology reproduces every anatomical detail, making it possible to manufacture a custom orthosis.

  • Ease of use

Scanning experiences are guided, intuitive and tailored to your specific needs. Whether in the office or remotely, ease of use is at the heart of this solution, making the process as efficient as possible.

  • Efficiency 

A simple, cost-effective solution, 3D scanning integrates seamlessly into your practice, whether in a clinical or telecare setting. We optimize operational efficiency, enabling rapid deployment and cost-effective use of the technology.

Designing custom orthotics? Manufacture a wide range of product references and sizes? Would you like to adopt a mobile 3D scanning solution?

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