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MyFit Solutions and La Semelle Française join forces for a 100% French and innovative collaboration for foot comfort

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MyFit Solutions is a SaaS software editor specializing in 3D scan and digital measurement from smartphones. La Semelle Française is the French orthopedic insole specialist – have joined forces to develop an innovative solution for the orthopedic market and the customer experience. The key to this 100% French partnership is a 3D scan that will enable the creation of custom-made insoles. 

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The association of two French companies for the well-being

Lyon-based startup, MyFit Solutions has created a mobile application for 3D morphology acquisition. Thanks to the MyFit technology, it is now possible to capture a 3D print of the human body or digital measurements from a scan made from a smartphone. 

La Semelle Française is the reference for orthopedic insoles in France. The Cannes-based brand has already integrated 3D technology into its approach in order to manufacture customized insoles adapted to each customer. This specificity has largely contributed to its success! 

These two 100% French companies have decided to pool their know-how in order to revolutionize the orthopedic market and the customer experience. Based on 3D scanning via smartphone, MyFit Solutions and La Semelle Française are collaborating for the first time to develop an efficient, simple and environmentally friendly method for taking footprints. The MyFit Solutions technology will complement La Semelle Française’s footprinting system to create custom insoles. 

A French technology for a 100% customize insole

The goal of this collaboration is to make insole production 100% digital through a device that everyone has today: the smartphone

MyFit Solutions started its activity with an ear scanning system allowing to create custom-made headphone tips. The startup then expanded its expertise to other parts of the body (torso, hand, wrist, etc.) and is now focusing on the foot, through its collaboration with La Semelle Française.

This project integrates digitalization and 3D scanning into the production process. With a focus on technological innovation and optimizing the customer experience, La Semelle Française sees this collaboration as an opportunity to make its offer even more accessible to the general public, while maintaining the quality and complete customization of its products. 

By digitizing the entire process at La Semelle Française, the company will be able to reduce the number of shipments (round trips) of impression boxes, reduce the consumption of single-use material and finally shorten production time. Results: Optimization of the company’s performance and reduction of the product’s carbon footprint! 

« The collaboration with MyFit Solutions is perfectly in line with our strategy: to find the tools and processes to perfect our service offer and the associated user experience, while minimizing our impact on the environment. And of course, always 100% Made in France! »

Pierrick HAYMANN, CEO La Semelle Française

« MyFit Solutions is committed to providing digital experiences from smartphones to offer products tailored to each individual’s body. Getting custom insoles from your smartphone thus has a dual purpose of wellness and waste reduction. »

Xavier DESHAYES, CEO Founder MyFit Solutions

About MyFit Solutions and La Semelle Française

About MyFit Solutions

Created in 2018 in Lyon, the company is led by Xavier Deshayes (CEO – founder) and Jeremy Adoux (CTO).

MyFit Solutions brings together high-level experts (doctor of imaging, developer, artificial intelligence specialist…) to develop a unique technology worldwide, dedicated to 3D scan and digital measurement from smartphones.

About La Semelle Française 

Born in 2018 in Cannes, the company is managed by Pierrick HAYMANN (CEO – Founder, Orthopedist-Orthotist, Podiatrist)

La Semelle Française is composed of a team of Podiatrist, Orthopedist-Orthotist and Orthoprosthetist with more than 20 years of experience in podiatry and orthopedics. It is specialized in the manufacture of orthopedic and comfort insoles to measure.

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