Offer tailor-made for the ears of your customers!

3D Acquisition and Customization for the Ear

  • Give your customers the last-generation 3D scanning experience: Capture remotly, the unique shape of the ears, through an augmented reality based experience.
  • Offer tailor-made and customization: Define personalized products to the shape of each of the ears thanks to our artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Stay competitive with a complete digital solution*: a ready-to-use process, from capture to customization, to deliver affordable products to your customers in record time!

          *Patented process

3D scanning app from mobile

Mobile 3D acquisition

Automatic measurements

Automatic modeling

Complete patented process

Customization directly from your customers smartphones

Our technology makes it possible to make a 3D acquisition (or 3D scanner professional) from a large part of smartphones and tablets on the market.

Our algorithms dedicated to 3D scanning of the ear allow the scan to be validated directly during the capture. The use of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and sensor control facilitate self-acquisition and validation of the 3D scan.

Our technology is validated in production with an excellent first time 3D scan rate of over 99.5%!

Large-scale 3D auto-acquisition is therefore possible from anywhere and anytime.

Your customers all have a smartphone in their pocket, give them the means to access tailor-made and customization!

Automated analysis of the ear to increase efficiency

Our algorithms based on artificial intelligence computer vision automatically recognize the different characteristic points of the ear.

The shape, dimensions, characteristics… all this data is analyzed and extracted automatically to serve as a definition for product customization.

A patented process for custom tip.

No need to be an expert to analyze the data! Our platform and algorithms have been designed to support people without advanced ear skills.

Automated analysis of the ear allows considerable operational gain and high repeatability of the process to provide tailor-made and customized large scale.

Automatic modeling for tailor-made

What could be better than a product that automatically remodels itself based on customer measurements and requests?

The patented automatic modeling allows the information extracted from the automated analysis of the ear to be linked with the 3D model of the product. This information is therefore injected into the 3D model to automatically remodel it in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) tool.

Our platform manages the sequence of these tasks to ensure a fast and optimized process.

In the context of products produced in 3D printing, our business processes and information flows available on the platform will provide you with an end-to-end production chain.

No more waiting weeks for a tailor-made product! Automatic modeling helps deliver products to your customers quickly and competitively!

Product application examples

MyFit Solutions tailor-made eartips for earphones

Tailor-made eartip for communication earpiece

The problem?

The problem with security guards or anyone who uses an earpiece is the pain and discomfort that occurs after using the eartip for a while.

The tip hurts. In addition, it is often badly positioned which leads to very poor sound quality, even harmful to the ear.

Other use cases


✔ Definition of hearing aids based on 3D modeling

✔ Automatic product modeling or definition and review by a professional, remotely

Hearing protections

✔ Automatic modeling of personalized earplugs

✔ For professional applications (PPE) or personal uses (Sleeping, swimming, …)

Communication systems

✔ 3D modeling of the ear to define tailor-made tips for communication earpiece

✔ Used by security guards or technical staff


✔Custom and tailor-made eartips for music earphones

✔ For earphone manufacturers or tip customization services

Connected products

✔ Definition of tailored connected products

✔ Identification of the sensor installation areas for each customer

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