Advise your customers from their smartphones

Instant product recommendation for the ear

Are you looking for an innovative experience to advise your customers on your different product sizes?

Are you wondering how to take measurements of your customers’ ears remotely?

Discover the instant recommendation for the ear!

  • Give your customers the last-generation experience and increase the value of your brand: Advise, remotely, through an innovative experience based on augmented reality.
  • Instantly recommend the product or the most suitable size for your customers ears: ear shape, helix height, ear canal diameter … our artificial intelligence algorithms automatically extract shapes and dimensions. The product or size recommendation is then made instantly.
  • Create a direct link with your customers from their smartphones: our new digital experiences allow you to be as close as possible to your customers and to interact directly with them without physical barriers!
3D scanning app from mobile

Take measurements

Instant recommendation

Measurement data

Instantly recommend your products for the ear

Our technology allows instant recommendation from most smartphones and tablets on the market.

Our algorithms dedicated to ear recognition allow us to match your products in record time!

The shape, dimensions, characteristics … all this data is analyzed and extracted automatically to serve as a basis for product recommendation.

Earring, hearing aids, eartips, earplugs… all ear products are eligible.

Using augmented reality and artificial intelligence facilitate self-acquisition and validation of the recommendation.

Your customers all have a smartphone in their pocket, advise them directly from home!

Product examples:

Ric hearing aids

Automatic measurement, or after review by a professional, of the height of the helix and the diameter of the ear canal entrance, directly from a smartphone or tablet

The new digital measurement tool directly from the patient!

Automatic concha height measurement

The measurement corresponds to the most suitable size of the product, for optimal comfort or support.

Other measuring points on the ear can obviously be used for recommendation!

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