MyFit Solutions is a SaaS software editor specialized in 3D acquisition from smartphones for product customization.


MyFit Solutions aims to become the leader in contactless digital acquisition solutions to enable manufacturers to define customised products.

Nowadays, factories and production facilities are organized in such a way as to optimize manufacturing repeatability and benefit from economies of scale. This with the aim of offering consumers competitive, value-added products while ensuring the company’s profitability. 

This makes it difficult to manage a flexible and responsive personalization offer for consumers seeking uniqueness in mass markets.

MyFit Solutions wants to give manufacturers the means to create tailor-made and personalized products for each customer. MyFit Solutions wants to give manufacturers the means to create customised and personalised products for each customer.

Through a software suite developed by our team, we use the electronic object available in every pocket: the smartphones! 

Thus, based on precise scale 3D scans, we capture the morphology of the human body (ears, feet, face…) or of objects, to allow the creation of products perfectly adapted to our uses and our body.


MyFit Solutions tells you more about its team!

Management team

Xavier Deshayes, an engineer training, created MyFit Solutions in February 2018.
His 10 years experiences at Dassault Systèmes in technical marketing and in sales of software solutions allowed him to start the adventure of entrepreneurship.

Xavier joined forces with Jérémy Adoux who became the team’s associate technical manager.

Jérémy has a decade of experience in development and management of technical teams. 
He has worked for large companies such as Visiativ and is also an engineer by training.

Jérémy (to the left) et Xavier (to the right), at the 2020 CES Innovation Awards

The MyFit Solutions team is made up of two different teams, but in the end, we are one team!

  • The R&D team is now composed of Jeremy, the technical director, supported by developers and production managers. The entire technical team ensures the daily smooth running and improvement of our technology.
  • The Marketing and Sales team. Under the responsibility of Xavier, it is composed of a business developer and a person in charge of marketing and communication.

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