MyFit Solutions tells you more about our super team!

Leading team ; 

Xavier Deshayes, a former engineer, founded MyFit Solutions in February 2018.
His 10 years of experience at Dassault Systèmes in technical marketing and sales of software solutions allow him to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship.

Our CEO & founder joined forces with Jérémy Adoux who became Associate – CTO. 

Jérémy benefits from ten years of multiple experiences in the development and management of technical teams. 
Having worked for large companies such as Visiativ, he is also an engineer.

Jérémy (left) and Xavier (right), during the Innovation Awards ceremony at CES 2020
R&D team ;

Blumine Robert is our production and design manager! After spending a year in Chile and obtaining her mechanical engineering degree from INSA, she joined the team.

Quentin Thisse is a PhD student in image processing. He is doing his thesis within the MyFit Solutions team on 3D reconstruction at scale from mobiles.

Just for fun we have a second Quentin, Quentin Perrier
After several years as a developer and his 3 years at Visiativ, he is our Senior Lead Developer.

Finally, Kesly Gassant and Pamela Gomez joined the team.

Kesly is our Design Engineer Developer, he is in charge of developing mobile applications for ear scanning and all the related services, such as the 3D modeling service.

Pamela is working on the design of a specific machine for post production and also within the design team for a constant improvement of our earmolds.

Marketing team ;

The marketing team is made up of Xavier Deshayes, MyFit Solutions founder, and Laure Rollet, the team’s communications manager!
Laure Rollet works on the company’s news and events to keep you informed of all the news! 

Since its creation, the team has been growing and helping its development! An adventure that has only just begun…!

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