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MyFit Solutions aims to become the leader in contactless digital acquisition solutions to enable manufacturers to define customised products.

Nowadays, factories and production facilities are organized in such a way as to optimize manufacturing repeatability and benefit from economies of scale. This with the aim of offering consumers competitive, value-added products while ensuring the company’s profitability. 

This makes it difficult to manage a flexible and responsive personalization offer for consumers seeking uniqueness in mass markets.

MyFit Solutions wants to give manufacturers the means to create tailor-made and personalized products for each customer. MyFit Solutions wants to give manufacturers the means to create customised and personalised products for each customer.

Through a software suite developed by our team, we use the electronic object available in every pocket: the smartphones! 

Thus, based on precise scale 3D scans, we capture the morphology of the human body (ears, feet, face…) or of objects, to allow the creation of products perfectly adapted to our uses and our body.


MyFit Solutions is the leader in ear acquisition via smartphone. With millions of ear images acquired, ears 3D models, and our production line for custom tips for earphones, we have developed a very high level of expertise in this field. 

Based on this software suite, products adapted for the ear such as hearing protection, protective equipment or even earplugs can be directly created for the customer!

Affordable Tailor-Made for EVERYONE !

Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 3D printing… we master all these innovative technologies to create new experiences from smartphones and give birth to new, unique products!

The 3D acquisition of the ear is optimized through our artificial intelligence algorithms to obtain a precise definition of the ear.




3D from smartphones, a new way of collaboration!

Our software suite makes new collaborations possible. 

Professionals can exchange 3D capture at the scale of a physical object simply from their client’s phone. The morphology of other members of the human body is also easily shared.

As a professional, you can thus review and discover a new creation of a product, an object or the precise definition of a part of the human body. A new way to collaborate without having physical access to your interlocutor.

Would you like to use 3D from smartphone 

as a new vector for collaboration?

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