Take the measurements of your customers
to offer them tailor-made

3D Scan of the Human Body

  • Remotely capture the morphology and measurements you want: Face, Hand, Wrist, Bust, Foot, … from any phone.


  • Use 3D reconstruction at scale of human body parts to perform your analyzes.


  • Define tailor-made products adapted to the morphology of your clients or patients.
3D scanning app from mobile

3D mobile acquisition

3D scanner professionnel for reconstruction

Accurate 3D reconstruction

Measurement data

3D scanner professional


Our 3D scanner professional solution allows a simple acquisition, in complete autonomy by the consumer or the healthcare professional.

With 3D augmented reality guides coupled with our artificial intelligence algorithms, the accuracy and repeatability of the scan are very high.

KPI Project in production:

97% scan good the first time !

It has never been easier to acquire the precise morphology of your clients or patients remotely.


Obtaining an accurate and scaled 3D reconstruction of parts of the human body is becoming more accessible.

Our 3D models have an average accuracy of less than a millimeter for use in many use cases.

With our proprietary technology, you can manage on our web platform all 3D scans of your customers or patients, take measurements, using 3D models in other tools …

You can use your 3D scans or go even further to the definition of tailor-made products.


With 3D scans precise to the millimeter, it is quite possible to define tailor-made products adapted to the morphology.

KPI Project in production: +2000 tailor-made tips produced per year using this process

Our software platform can also help you with automatic product modeling based on scans from your clients or patients.

We have the know-how and the software suite to help you set up a complete solution, from capture to automatic tailor-made product modeling (and even production, in the case of 3D printed products).

Product application examples

Hand capture to recommend standard orthosis sizes

How to recommend the right size for remote orthosis?

Our 3D scanner app allows scan of the wrist and hand, coupled with our analysis based on artificial intelligence system, you can instantly recommend the size of the orthosis to use based on the patient’s morphology.

Forward sale or patient monitoring, this technology allows you to advise your patients remotely directly from their smartphone.

Our recommendation solution can be adapted for different parts of the body! do not hesitate to contact us.

Facial 3D Scan

You need to acquire the morphology of the face of your customers or patients?

Whether it is remotely or physically face the person, our 3D scanner app for mobile offers a 3D reconstruction across the face.

With an accurate topology to the millimeter, you can set or build tailor-made products based on 3D scans.

Additionally, our scanning process is supported by our web platform that allows you to manage all 3D scans of your customers or patients.

For large-scale management of the personalization of your products.

torso 3D model

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