Measure the wrist circumference remotely to advise the size of a bracelet

How to measure the wrist circumference ? How to know the size of a bracelet, a watch, a ring to make a remote order? Today, measurement is more than ever a decisive factor in online sales. 

Just like luxury products that combine elegance, expertise and modernity, an innovative solution puts an end to the uncertainty of the tape measure. 

In this article, discover the digital measurement that mixes mobile application, augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence. 


Take accurate and precise measurements

Why is wrist measurement accuracy key in the jewelry market ?

As in the health sector, morphological size accurate to the millimeter is necessary in jewelry. Indeed, in the same way as medical devices or clothes, the size of a jewel is adjusted. And this for reasons of comfort. For example, wearing a ring that is too tight creates a risk of pain or even injury (the finger becomes blue). 


Let’s add to this the indisputable aesthetic reasons in the luxury sector. It is obvious that wearing a bracelet that is too big will certainly result in a bad position of the latter. The bracelet will turn and the wearer will not correspond to the image expected by the design studios of the brand.

Thus, taking a correct measurement of the body member (neck, wrist, finger…) is an essential requirement in jewelry, especially in the following cases:

  • The recommendation of a size of bracelets or other jewelry (watches, rings, earrings …) based on the standard sizes offered by the brand.
  • The creation of a custom-made jewel for luxury brands looking for a hyper-customization for a targeted clientele. 
  • Sizing for watches. This service is performed before the watch is delivered to the customer. It allows the watch to be correctly adjusted to the wrist for a perfect experience on the first try!

How to measure the wrist circumference for a bracelet?

To measure wrist circumference, it is customary to use a tape measure or a designer’s tape measure. When you don’t have these tools nearby, another method is to take a strip of paper (or fabric) about 1 cm wide. Simply wrap the wrist with the strip and mark with a pencil. Then lay flat and measure the length of the strip with a standard ruler.


It is a simple method, however this manual measurement has many disadvantages.

First of all, there is a risk of error at the level of the retained dimensions. Indeed, it is easy to be in the wrong place (too close to the hand for example) or to take a few millimeters too much or too little. 

And above all, it is not an easy experience for the customer, especially if he has to measure himself at home with a piece of fabric (or a thread).


Fortunately, today, there is an innovative solution to improve the experience of your customers while having a reliable measurement to the millimeter. It’s the 3D scan! With this new technology, the measurement is taken by remote scanning with a smartphone. So, let’s see how it works?

How to measure a wrist circumference without a tape measure?

For all professionals in the luxury sector, discover THE solution that reflects your sector to ensure the taking of sizes while offering a fluid and optimized customer path. Put away the tape measures and offer your customers an innovative solution, both high-tech and easy to implement. 

Scanning allows us to acquire a 3D morphological scan of the wrist in a few seconds, perfectly modeling the shape and dimensions. 

Through a fast scanning experience (a few seconds), you get the wrist size of your customers without error and in a repeatable way. This solution is proven to deliver high measurement repeatability. Artificial intelligence is trained on thousands of highly diverse images (morphological, ethnic, tattoos…) to ensure accuracy and reproducibility of the measurement.

Luxury and technology from enemies to partners

How is e-commerce shaking up the jewelry market?

In France, according to a study by Francéclat and panel 5, online sales only account for 8.7% of luxury jewelry sales. This proves that consumers are still attached to their jewelry store. Indeed, customers appreciate seeing the objects, being able to try them on while being advised by a salesperson. However, between 2019 and 2020, ecommerce in this market has recorded a jump of +27%, which suggests a change in trends.

Moreover, according to Business of Fashion (BOF) and the international strategy consulting firm McKinsey – “State of Fashion: Watches and Jewellery”, “the development of custom online services should enable high jewelry to increase its online sales by 18% to 21% within four years”. 

This means that the shift to e-commerce and digitalization in the jewelry sector has already begun and is becoming a significant lever for development. It is obvious that luxury professionals who innovate today in digital technology are ahead of the game and will have greater growth.


Indeed, in this context of digitalization, it is necessary to prioritize mobile shopping experiences. Indeed, almost 1 out of 2 people make their purchases from their cell phone. 


MyFit Solutions integrates into this mobile customer journey by taking into account the three requirements of the industry: 

1/ An accurate and reproducible measurement to create or recommend a piece of jewelry perfectly adapted to the customer’s morphology;

2/ A fluid and innovative user experience for a high-end image.

3/ A simplified customer experience by offering only those products that are adapted to the customer’s morphology.

How to calculate the diameter of a wrist for an optimal user experience?

In order to offer your customers a simple user experience, opt for 3D acquisition from a smartphone. Thanks to a mobile application with your identity, MyFit Solutions offers you a white label technology, highly proven (98% of good scan on the first try!). 

Our solution allows you to have an online measurement from anywhere, anytime and by anyone. Your customer can even scan himself with his smartphone!

With MyFit Solutions, obtaining an accurate 3D reconstruction of the wrist becomes a breeze. The 3D models obtained have an average accuracy of less than a millimeter, which allows you to recommend a wristband size from your catalog without any possible error.

Why digitize?

The challenges of the luxury market

The luxury sector and more particularly the jewelry sector is facing two major challenges:

Customer satisfaction with the aim of retaining a demanding clientele.

Your customers expect a “perfect” offer in terms of product and service. This means that the jewelry sold must be of impeccable quality. The more the offer is in line with the customer’s requirements, the more you ensure fewer returns (and therefore reduce the cost of return rates). Couple this with impeccable service, personalized advice and a smooth experience and you increase customer satisfaction.

Maintaining a high-end image in the minds of consumers.

Prestige brands inspire exception, beauty, refinement and innovation. Therefore, there is a strong expectation from buyers to luxury brands to benefit from last generation services. Digitalization allows brands to modernize their image by enhancing it through an incredibly innovative customer experience!


In summary, opting for a digital solution in the customer journey means :

  • Digitalize to improve the customer experience and strengthen satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Modernize, be a forerunner in the market and reinforce its high-end image.

The technology developed by MyFit Solutions fits perfectly in this approach. It allows you to acquire the measurements and the shape of a part of the body (neck, wrist, finger…), then to support the online orders. In fact, using a digital measurement solution for luxury brands is not only to offer an innovative experience to design a custom jewelry or recommend a size, but also to create a direct link with your customers from their smartphones.


MyFit Solutions supports luxury professionals as a white label (confidentiality respected). Want to know more about the solutions we offer? Make an appointment.