“Usage study” a key step for MyFit Solutions

Who has never got upset with a complex smartphone application or inconsistent navigation on a website ?!


Our brain favors natural actions. As humans, we love simple experiences. Every day, we are exposed to content, web pages or different IT solutions. A sum of information that we must analyze and sort quickly.
We now want to understand quickly, naturally, without reading a user guide or a 20-page manual …

But how do you go about providing a simple and natural experience through an 3D scanner app?

The best practice by far is to carry out a “usage study”. This study consists of selecting a panel of novice users and having them test your application. Without guiding them, you ask that they freely express their feedback and their misunderstandings. You study the smallest movements: the areas where they click, what they are looking at… to clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your application.
Accompanied by our partner
STASH, expert in user experience, we scrutinized the actions of a panel of 12 users in the CROSS FIT LYON club:

A moment of exchange, with a very nice team, from which we were able to learn a lot of developments!


In return for the time granted, we offered participants their custom fit ear plugs, or custom earbud tips, MyFit Solutions.

An additional complexity for MyFit Solutions?

By the way, how many times have you already filmed from your phone to define a product? Most of you will probably answer “never” …
The “capture of real space” that is to say the environment filmed by the phone is a new means, a new ability to personalize a product, mastered by MyFit Solutions.
So, we need to find the easiest way to get the information we need, i.e. the characteristics of your ears, while still providing natural use of the 3D scan.
The use is therefore even more complex to study and master than with a classic application.
A few weeks later, after improving our solution, we returned to confront a new group of users..
This time, at our partner SPODE. Salespeople from the store as well as runners joined in the game of capturing their comrade’s ears.

So now we know the strengths and weaknesses of our app and how we should best guide users.

To take more than 15 measurement points on one ear and deliver the best possible product, we need to provide you with the perfect user experience!

Here is an excerpt from the new guides that we are developing in a natural use of the application:

See you in August for a new series of tests with new users for the validation of the new 3D scanner application!
We will be ready in September to listen to all our customers who have kindly placed their trust in us by purchasing our pre-sales!

Thank you again, our made-to-measure made in France custom earbuds tips will soon be in your ears!

Xavier, founder of MyFit Solutions.